Buying New Phone or Not?

Mobile phones will never last lifetime, yet you can make it last longer with proper care and maintenance. It is always better if you know basic repair and maintenance.  Having knowledge, even a little can help you avoid mobile problems, yet it can be sometimes inevitable due to accidents.

In cases when your phone is misbehaving is advisable to have your phone checked first by a mobile phone repair shop. It can help you save money. Instead of immediately buying a new device having it checked and repaired can help you cut the expenses.

Still, there are some scenarios that you may need to buy a new mobile phone instead of having it repaired. Among those situations are the below.

  1. When your phone is burnt.
  2. When you have already used it for more than 3 years.
  3. When your phone is severely damaged.
  4. When the cost of repair is too expensive or almost half of the amount of the gadget.

If your mobile phone has minor issues such as cracked screen, battery discharge, overheating, blank screen and other minor damages, it is best to have it repaired. The cost of repair plus the part to be replaced can be much cheaper compared to purchasing a new phone.

If you need an immediate mobile phone repair service, Oz Phone Repairs is the best mobile shop to head on. It has a professional and well-trained staff to assist you. It also offers free check-up and quotation so you don’t need to worry about the check-up.