The Blurred Lines of Communication- Virtual World

Want to purchase something? Pop on to one of the many online stores, willing to ship your products upon purchase. Want to chat with your friends? Facebook and Twitter provide the perfect answer. Want to see your friend’s face? Head on over to Skype and talk through your web cam. The entire purpose of real life communication has been nullified and in turn started affecting the social lives of all who are encompassed by it.

One’s current real life social status can often begin to diminish. As the entire world becomes open to the user’s fingers, making virtual friends becomes easy. Those who are miles apart can chat with each other. This is fine, but should never be used as a method of replacing one’s real world social life.

Face-to-face exposure is of utmost importance for human beings. Completely removing it from our life is extreme and has become a reality with the uprising of virtual communities. Offline friends can often not be found online and the diminishing of a real world social life becomes apparent.

The less time spent outside away from the computer, the less development of one’s mind there is. Interacting with human beings in the real world lead to one’s growth as a human and is significant in the long-run. This can often be forgotten as the lines blur between the two worlds and socializing online has become stress-free.

The only solution to maintaining quality online and offline social lives is through ‘balance’. Spending equal time in both worlds can ease the effect and lead to a successful social life. There is nothing wrong with the growth of a virtual world, but only if a balance is sustained and extremes are not met. Too much of anything is always bad and the same goes for virtual communication. Having more exposure to the virtual world situation has brought new intrigue to the social dynamic of interaction in the human race.