Virtual World Versus Real World

The contemporary generation has seen significant advances in technology and subsequently the blurring of social and virtual worlds. The importance being given to virtual advances has developed and is now a noteworthy portion of most people’s lives. This blurring of worlds has led to unsound real world social decisions. This will highlight the intermingling effect of real and virtual worlds has accomplished.

One’s social life is built upon a friends circle in the real world. The individuals we meet and greet with on a regular basis. Our acquaintances can often be considered a part of this circle and tend to shape our lives. Prior to the development of technology and social networking, the real world took precedence for social beings. There were no ‘options’ to mull over as being social meant going out into the real world and intermingling with fellow human beings. Social networking has turned this upside down and inside out. Being social is less about in person meetings and has been reduced to effectively typing over the internet.

The virtual world has grown in strides over the past few years. Its effect on the real world has been immense and continues to be detrimental to the lives of many. For those who are not able to maintain the right balance, being drawn into the virtual world is easy. Networking sites such as, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and many others have grown leaps and bounds into shaping their own communities. There are online gaming worlds (World of Warcraft, Runescape) that have developed serious communities and attract a variety of users. For some, more time is spent on these sites than interaction outside in the real world.

This virtual world has blurred the lines of socializing due to the ease of communication it provides. Individuals are not barred or restricted on the number of people they can connect with. No one is restricted on how long they can communicate with someone. Distance does not hold much weight in the virtual world as it might in reality. Someone sitting across the world is just as easy to connect with as your next door neighbor. With these facts, one can understand why the real world is being swept aside.

The drawbacks of this system are simple enough. The more time spent on the computer, less time there is to spend outside interacting. There is no desire anymore to head outside and intermingle with friends and other human beings because everything has been brought onto one’s computer screen.