Visiting Australia- Guide and Relevant Tips

Driving to Australia’s remote areas need for a sort of preparations and this is not easy for the first time traveler. So you need some guide from those who are familiar with the places and routes.  Travelling with the public transport may seem to be cheap but driving with a car is even better. Added to the preparation, you must check the condition of the care, possibly add 2 spare tires. A map and a GPS navigation system will readily guide you throughout the trip too.

If there is no car with you, a bus transport will do as option. It has cheaper rate than rent a car and also travelling all over the city too. Among the companies that operates for these includes:

  • Hop-on-hop-off bus
  • Premier
  • McCafferty
  • Greyhound

The passes for the bus as the ticket for single journey are valid for use up to six months. With this, travelers can get use the ticket for some journey too if it is preferred. Also bus passes are most preferred option for backpackers who are staying in the city and to a distant Brisbane CBD accommodation since the bus go to and from almost all famous destinations in the city.  On the other hand, for family and group travels, a car rent is perfect to short drive only.


When to Visit Australia

It’s good to know that the Australian summer time is the best peak season for backpacker’s bookings. You will find the most wanted deals on accommodation. It has the best offers for Sydney tours. On the other hand, the leanest season includes the winter months.

The most booked destination in Australia is during November to March is the Byron Bay. By this you might want to try looking for the best deals on there. If you are travelling from the other side of the county, be reminded to have your mobile phones and purchase an Australian number to communicate with in your home place to get them updated of your travel.